Pointmade is Australia’s pre-eminent dedicated family advisory firm.

Our firm was founded by David Smorgon, a member of one of Australia’s best known business families. When Smorgon Consolidated Industries was sold off in 1995, it ended a remarkably successful 70-year history that spanned four generations. And it marked one of the lowest points of David’s life. This difficult experience, and the lack of high quality, independent support available, ignited his passion for advising other families. Hence Pointmade.

Today, we are a boutique advisory company, focused on helping families navigate and transcend the often complex multi-generational dynamics and decisions at the intersection of family, business and ownership.

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“Successful families know who they are, what they stand for and where they are headed. Sadly, not many families have the answers to these questions. Pointmade help them on this journey.”
David Smorgon, OAM
Founder, Pointmade

A unique set of capabilities

We see the “health” of the family as crucial, which means a core role is to help families function in a united and harmonious fashion. After all, most wealth transitions fail due to a breakdown in communication and trust.

That said, as experienced business leaders, family office executives and advisors, and subject matter experts, we also often act as a conduit for ensuring the family enterprise or financial assets perform across multiple generations.

“We understood that most wealth transfers and succession plans end in tears. We didn’t want this for our family — that’s why we engaged Pointmade.”
AFR Rich List member & Pointmade client
“The value the team added could be described as a miracle compared to where my head was at six months ago. Keep it up, and thank you.”
AFR Rich List member 
& Pointmade client
“It was fairly difficult (bringing in external expertise), as you have always done what you wanted, and in the manner you wanted. But I don’t regret it for a moment.”
Property Developer Founder, 
Family Patriarch & Pointmade client
“None of us are here forever. Without making provisions, everything can become a mess in the end. When I had a level of uncertainty as to where I was going, it was appropriate and necessary to ask Pointmade to advise me.”
AFR Rich List member 
& Pointmade client
“The next gen education program has been extremely useful to both children. It’s such a great tool to learn how business reviews should take place to keep owners informed. Wonderful idea!”
2nd Generation Family Office Matriarch
& Pointmade client
“With Pointmade’s help, we are now having the best conversations on these issues that we’ve ever had – and making real progress.”