Our Services

We see the “health” of the family as crucial, which means a core role is to help families function in a united and harmonious fashion. After all, most wealth transitions fail due to a breakdown in communication and trust.

That said, as experienced business leaders, family office executives and advisors, and subject matter experts, we also often act as a conduit for ensuring the family enterprise or financial assets perform across multiple generations.

Succession Planning

A core aspect of our practice is helping a family carefully transition from one generation to the next, with the dual objectives of preserving and protecting relationship health and financial wealth. Achieving this overarching objective will often require us to focus on one or more of the other services on this page.

Enterprise Performance and Governance

Sometimes a clearer separation of family, business ownership and management roles is required. We assist founders and families in improving their operating or investment vehicle governance and performance. This may include reviewing or establishing an advisory board, agreeing strategic priorities and defining the roles of family members and independents.


Many families experience individual relationship challenges. Extended and blended families and the occasional black sheep all need to be heard and understood. A qualified psychologist is a key member of our family advisory team and on hand to assist when required.

Our team almost always works in groups of two or more, ensuring their combined skills match the specific needs of each family.


In light of the above, we are also sometimes asked to support and coach individual family members (or senior employees) to overcome a particular issue or become more effective, committed and capable leaders.


Often, we find that family harmony, understanding and communication can be profoundly improved through better governance. We assist in establishing and facilitating regular meetings, typically underpinned with a charter or constitution. This forum often takes the shape of a Family Council, comprised of selected members of the ownership group and commonly independently chaired.

Family office

Depending on the situation, a family office might be created to manage the wealth, separate to the business advisory board and governed by a Family Council. Family offices come in varying forms and levels of complexity. There is no one size fits all. But objectivity is always of paramount importance. We do not manage money ourselves. Our independence and expertise enable us to provide entirely unbiased advice – a rarity in today’s market.

Our offering is unique in the market, and we don’t pretend to be experts in everything. For specific technical, financial, tax and legal expertise, we work with, or can introduce you to, a carefully selected and trusted panel of best in breed external advisors and associates.


We help educate and prepare the next generation for future family and business responsibilities. A quarter of all wealth transitions fail due to inadequately prepared heirs. We take this very seriously.


Giving is important to many families. Yet often, notwithstanding family members’ good intentions, the management of the foundation and its corpus and the strategy for how it is put to work is ineffective or inefficient. We can assist in optimising family giving.