Our Process

While every family is different, a starting point is typically to understand family connectedness and unity. Therefore, it’s often useful to begin with a structured process designed to safely unpack each member’s perspective.

Step 1 Meeting

A simple set of questions begin the discussion, to understand the context and your objectives.

Step 2 Questionnaire

Each family member answers questions on wide-ranging, but customised, topics. Answers remain confidential.

Step 3 1-on-1

We delve deeper with each family member in an individual 2-3 hour confidential session.


A facilitated discussion, with clear rules, gives all family members a chance for their voice to be heard.

Step 5 Outcome

Our in-depth, guided process gives families the chance to identify or reaffirm their vision, values and purpose. The future ‘roadmap’ is now clear, and the nature of any ongoing Pointmade role is mutually agreed. This may include help with succession planning, establishment of a family council, office or business advisory board, or advice on specific family or enterprise matters.

This outline is a broad overview of our intial process, and is not exhaustive by any means. Our approach is tailored to each family situation.

Health Check
  • Has your family openly discussed the purpose of the family wealth?
  • Is your family united, harmonious and tolerant of differences?
  • Is the governance and decision making for the source of the wealth competent and appropriately separated from that of the family?
  • Is there a clear and reasonable succession plan that has been shared with the family?
  • Has the ‘next gen’ been properly educated and equipped to carry on the family enterprise and legacy?

To evaluate the health of your family, business and wealth succession, download our complimentary questionnaire.